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Hey there!

My name is Sierra; I'm a local website designer, social media manager, and graphics creator for businesses (predominantly start-ups and small businesses). Working with smaller, local companies, or those just beginning their professional ventures, is so life-giving and rewarding. Valuing community greatly, I always look forward to the relationship created between designer and clientele, and the sense of connectedness that births when working with multiple local businesses.

Among the title of designer I am other things: a writer, musician, ballerina, and always a friend. Being intentional and relational in my field of work has led me to aid my clients in related areas pertaining to their business. If there's stress I can relive, I make it my goal to strategize and manage the professional shortcomings my clients wrestle with.


No paycheck pays quite like a client who feels they have been seen, heard, and have had their tech/creative needs met. That's who I always strive to be in the world of designers: the one who sees, hears, and meets those in need right where they're at in their business journey.

Hope to lend a hand to you!


Sierra M.

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