• Sierra Magdalene

Give A Letter, Never See One

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

As I was rummaging through old scribblings, I came across some prose I wrote in late February. This particular piece was divined from revelation, a revelation which challenged my true motives and forced me to consider why I show kindness.

Each reader will interpret artistic literature personally, so I will leave my own insight vague. However brief a backstory, I still would like to share this written piece of mine:

Give a letter, never see one.

If life is in your words

And that is what you bestow

Your joy will be fulfilled

But if, my dear,

You write with greedy and expectant hands

To receive words of equal worth,

You are a tradesman.

And a tradesman seeks only profit.

Give a letter, but be content without one

For your blessing to them is your words

And theirs to you is their heart

So do be a giver,

One without pacts or grants,

And your joy will be complete

Not lacking in love

But fully secure in His own

Only then will your words bless

For yours will be His

And His yours

And it will be Him they cannot help but love

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